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Overseas Military Adoption Centers

I had an unplanned pregnancy and was not happy about the thought of being a ... I married the father of my daughter, and that was something that made the ...

Seeking Suggestions - Found Out My Pre-teen Is Experimenting with Smoking

Birthdays · Holiday Visits · Marriage · Milestones .... (if you think about it this covers lots of topics from tatoos to unplanned pregnancy to dui's) ...

Need Advice on Supporting a Friend Facing Suprise Pregnancy

... she has been married for only 5 months and is emotionally not ready to have a baby... this is an unplanned pregnancy.... in fact she did not want to get ...

How Do I Back Out of Baby Shower Plans?

... and to my other SIL, who was the only person who cared enough about my unplanned pregnancy (before my husband and I married, when we were 19). ...

Inconsiderate Husband

However, you need to sit down and talk with him to see where he's at...was this an unplanned pregnancy, is he just flipping out at the thought of being a ...

Saving My Marriage

My ex and I were married for 8 years. He basically went to work, ... A divorce, two damaged children, an unplanned pregnancy, a cross-country move into a ...

Signs of Pregnancy

With my third pregnancy (unplanned) I was on the pill. The first pill I was on just did not work well for me (obviously! LOL) I actually switched pills not ...

My Daughter Just Told Me She Is Pregnant, Having Cramps and Spotting

Is she married? If not, get her involved with a Christian Pregnancy Center ..... I am now 31 and the best advise in regards to the unplanned pregnancy is to ...

Need Advice from Someone Whose Been Here

My husband experienced an unplanned pregnancy first hand when he was 18, and I now ... I got married when she was 4 and my husband loves her as his own. ...

How to Tell Friend About Pregnancy

Oct 27, 2009 ... My husband and I got married 6 years after his twin brother. ... Above all do not tell her that baby number 3 was unplanned- but being that ...
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