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I am having trouble in my marriage. I want to go to counseling. With the way the economy is though, ..... Request for Advice About Marriage Counseling ...

Marriage and Control

Read all 5 responses: "My request is how to fix my marriage when things are not right. ... credit counseling free · marriage family therapy ...

Advice on Saving My Marriage

Maybe you can find a good marriage counselor--sometimes health insurances will pay for counseling. It honestly sounds like you are on the right track in ...

Advice for Potential Marriage w/STD (Genital Herpes)

Have you suggested pre-marriage counseling? I strongly advise it. I refused to pay for my daughter's wedding until they had completed a pastoral ...

Relationship Counselling

I went through 4 different marriage counselors before I found one capable of making a difference and then my husband quit going...because the last counselor ...

Newly Wed Advice

I would try to find a good marriage counselor and let your hubby in on deciding which one to go to otherwise if he doesn't like what the counselor says then ...

Advice on Marriage

I would also see if the counselor had any books that heshe thought were helpful My husband and I have read marriage books and then were able to discuss the ...

Recent Miscarriage and Marriage Problems

Grief counseling as well as marriage counseling before you should ever even remotely consider divorcing a husband whose only fault according to what you ...

Help Facing a Failed Marriage with 4 Young Children

You have four children - if your husband doesn't want to go to marriage counseling or talk to your local priest together his agenda is not the same as yours ...

Need a GR8 Counselor for My 8 Year Old Son and I, He Has ADHD

He has two younger 1/2 siblings from a previous marriage (different father). ... i am not familiar with counselors in the area, but i would guess that they ...
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