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Do People Rsvp Anymore...?

N.P. asks from Seattle

I was wondering if people rsvp for events, whether they can make it or not...? I always thought the rule was you rsvp if you can make it and you rsvp if you can't ma...


Opting Out of Vaccinations for Infants

P.L. asks from Minneapolis

Has anyone chosen not to vaccinate their infant, or delay the vaccination or only do some of them while opting out on others? If so, what helped you make this decisi...


Birthday Gift for 5 Year Old

D.B. asks from Boston

Hi, Looking for ideas on a small birthday gift for a 5 year old. His parents spare no expense in anything. He has every vehicle you could imagine, from a very expe...


Ideas for Background Music for a Keepsake Video

D.J. asks from New York

HELP! I have two sons, a 2 1/2 year old and 7 month old. When my first son turned one we decided to make a video of pics and memories from his first year along with...


Going Nuts!

L.C. asks from Indianapolis

I am searching for a part time job to help make ends meet. I am a former hairstylist and want to change fields and try something new. My kids are growing up and it's ...


Fun Ideas for St. Patrick's Day

❤.M. asks from Los Angeles

Any fun ideas? Things YOU do for St. Patrick's Day to make is special or fun? I'm thinking of leaving a pot of gold for the kids to find. Having Shamrocks set out....



M.N. asks from Chicago

Hi All~ I would like to try and make some money from home. Just a little for spending money. How is everyone creative in doing this? suggestions? I was thinking of t...


Silly Question for Stylistas: Denim Shorts for Boys Tacky or Still Trendy?

J.G. asks from Minneapolis

I'm buying some spring clothes for my little guy and for some reason I feel like jean shorts are so 1990's. Yet, I think they'd be a cute convenient style choice...bu...


My Secret Thoughts on Why Some Moms Reject Me...What Are Yours?

C.C. asks from Springfield

1. I am really a freaky weirdo 2. They heard that fat is contagious and fear I will make them fat. In the 90's there was an article to have a fat friend to feel go...



F.V. asks from Columbia

So I read all of your posts and there are still so many different choices. All I truly care about is making sure my twin girls are safe in a crash. I think I have n...

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