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Snobbery? or Am I Being Too Sensitive?

S.E. asks from Philadelphia

My daughter belongs to a social group that is supposed to foster good self esteem and behaviors. But the girls are all well off. We are comfortable, but do not fee...


Professional Boundaries with School Staff

R.N. asks from Phoenix

Today I was having a rare lunch alone at a neighborhood establishment. While I was eating, the principal at my children's school came in. I asked him to join me. H...


What Do You like About Your KITCHEN ?

J.P. asks from Chicago

Hi Ladies, I am going to have my kitchen remodled and I was just wondering if you could take time to share with me any tips that would help me out. I have an L shape...


Looking for Interior Color Ideas for Home

A.D. asks from Toledo

Hi Mommies I quick piece of info before my questions. My husband and I have owned 4 homes in just under 5 years and we have painted ALL the insides of each of them, ...


Face Paint on Kids

J.M. asks from Philadelphia

Molly's question got M. thinking do you like face paint on kids? I always HATED it. For some reason unless its something done in moderation like a design around ...


HELP! Feeling Sad from Saggy Belly

A.J. asks from Williamsport

I'm 42, 3 young kids (3rd is 3yo) and a life-long health nut. I have done every variation to healthy diet strategies and exercise trends on the planet for the past 2...


Strongly Considering Starting My Own Business from Home

T. asks from Chicago

I lived in NYC for over 10 years and moved back to Chicago 4 years ago. When I got back to Chicago, I got married, had a baby and had a demanding career. During my ...


E Weddings and Gifting Etiquette

R.M. asks from Washington DC

I was listening to the radio this morning and they were talking about a new trend called E Weddings. Have you ever heard of this? At first I thought it was tacky, b...


Are We Asking Too Much of Our Public School Teachers?

S.J. asks from Tucson

So just for full disclosure I am a secondary teacher and I had a really stressful day. This is more of a vent...but also a question about societies expectations of te...


Daughter Gong into 6Th Grade

H.S. asks from Grand Rapids

Hello everyone, My daughter is going into 6th grade and has been asking about make-up. I don't remember when my parents started letting me wear make up... thoughts an...

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  • stainless steel appliances in 2 answers "... much nicer and add value to a house, etc., but I hate stainless-steel appliances."
  • go all the way up to the ceiling in 2 answers "1) I wish I'd made my cabinets go all the way up to the ceiling (less dust). 2) I ..."
  • pink lip gloss in 2 answers "I started pale pink lip gloss in 6 grade, but didn't get to do eye make up till high ..."
  • lip gloss stick in 2 answers "... daughter weres light brown eyeshadow a little cover up and MAYBE lip gloss/stick ..."
  • dont think you did anything wrong in 2 answers "... where you might feel uncomfortable, though I don't think you did anything wrong ..."