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My Baby Boy HATES His Car Seat

H.B. asks from Hartford

We have a 5 month old who has hated his car seat since he was born. It often prevents us from leaving the house for more than a ten minute drive. He screams and cri...


Gift Idea: Makeup for a 14 Year Old Girl

M.J. asks from Minneapolis

I have a family exchange and there are 4! 14 year olds in my exchange so there is no getting around having one or 2 for gifts every christmas. I got the gift for one ...


How to Play with a 5 1/2 Month Old

C.D. asks from Rochester

my babygirl will be 6 months old in 12 days. i know people say not to compare your baby to others, but when i go see friends who have babies older than mine some of t...


1 Year Old Refuses Teeth Brushing

A.O. asks from Grand Rapids

Recently I've been having a horrible time trying to brush my 1 year old's teeth. We always do it during bath time, with just a little toothbrush and water. She scre...


Trying to Get My 2 Month Old Son to like Riding in the Car

M.C. asks from Minneapolis

Does anyone know of any ways to get a two month old to enjoy riding in the car? My son hates riding in the car for any length of time. As soon as you put him in the...


Ideas for My Girls for Christmas?

J.C. asks from Rockford

I am kind of at a loss as to what to get my two stepdaughters for Christmas this year. The oldest is 20, a college student (bio major), and outdoorsy. The youngest ...


Ideas for Baby Food Jars

E.E. asks from Omaha

I was wondering if anyone had any ideas on how to reuse baby food jars in a crafty way? I watch a couple of kids that are still in the baby food stage, so I get two ...


Eye Brow Waxing Age

L.M. asks from Dallas

I'm just curious if I'm totally out of touch here... Now, I'm very aware this could be a "everybody's doing it" moment with my child, so I'm just checking if perhaps ...


Going Las Vegas with Kids

K.K. asks from Phoenix

Hi all, me and my husband has different point of view on going to Las Vegas with kids. I have two daughters ages 8 (soon will be 9) and 4. We are going with another f...

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  • think 7th grade is too young in 2 answers "I don't get how moms could think 7th grade is too young."
  • itunes gift cards in 2 answers "We always get our neice (who is 15) iTunes gift cards."
  • baby food jars to make in 2 answers "Our MOPS group used baby food jars to make a salt scrub for the bath or shower."
  • red rock canyon in 2 answers "... factory tour of the Ethel M facility on the way and there is the Red Rock Canyon."
  • old baby food jars in 2 answers "For years my kids have made potpourri jars with the old baby food jars and given them ..."