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Glamour Shots?

They do the hair and makeovers as your sitting fee and may supply the outfits as well. I am not sure what outfits they have available for children so you ...

Ideas for 9 Yr Old Girl Birthday Party

How about a dress up party where you give all the girls mini makeovers ( do their hair and makeup) and provide dress up clothes. ...

Meals for New Moms

Freezable meals are always welcomed and it's something you can make at any time. Keep a couple on hand and when a mom gives birth you can bring it over. ...

13Th Birthday Ideas

How about a make-up party? You could have a Mary Kay consultant or some other beauty consultant come to makeovers for the girls. Make sure to keep the ...

Birthday Party

They do makeovers, dress up, shop, make potions (lotions and soaps) and dress .... Morning Make-over: Essential Tips for Making the Mornings Run Smoothly ...

At What Age Do You Let Your Kids Sleep Over...

I didn't allow her to do sleep overs again until Junior High school. J. L. .... Morning Make-over: Essential Tips for Making the Mornings Run Smoothly ...

Daycare Lunch for a Toddler

I a lot of times pack my kids left overs from dinner; pasta, chicken, ... Morning Make-over: Essential Tips for Making the Mornings Run Smoothly ...

Toddler Still Wetting His Bed! How Do We Get Him to Stop!?

I would only let him have a very small drink before bed and make him go to the potty too. ..... shaken baby cases · virtual make overs ...

How Long to Keep Cooked Mac-n-Cheese in Frig

Do not keep anything cooked in the fridge more than 3 days, it will grow unseen bacteria and it could make you sick, plus we never eat left over mac it ...

Ideas for Daughter's 7Th Birthday

I had my sister come over and help do makeup, hair and fingernails. When we were done with the makeovers I put on music and let them dance and play and then ...
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