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Best advice and recommendation on tubal ligation?

R.C. asks from Oklahoma City

Hello everyone this is my 1st time here. I recently met the man of my dreams and we have been together for a yr and some change. My fiance lost his daughter at the ag...


How to Make the Transition...

A.W. asks from Austin

I have the opportunity to go back to school to finish my degree... my husband has said that he will support the household financially while I obtain my goal. So why a...


Advice About Make Up

K.W. asks from Los Angeles

i am 24 years old and have been married for 5 years. this is my situation my husband is an all natural kind of guy, organic foods, herbal remedies etc.because of that...


Should I Make an Issue of This?

L.C. asks from Denver

My 7 year old daughter seems to be very boy crazy. She is always talking about having 8 boyfriends in her 1st grade class. I think it is funny because it is very in...


Should I Make Him Play

E.K. asks from San Francisco

Hello Ladies, We just signed my son, who is 5, up for the winter season of flag foot ball and yesterday was his first practice. He did not want to play or even me...


Would This Make You Mad?

M.. asks from Detroit

We were out of town with some friends. I mentioned throwing my 2 y/o in the shower with me to save some time. My husband looked at me and his friends girlfriend an...


How to Make Smoothies

M.D. asks from Pittsburgh

So, I got a little smoothie blender at a yard sale. It's not anything fancy. So this morning I threw in some Greek yogurt, a banana, and a little milk so it wasn't ...


How to Make Hummus?

C.J. asks from Dallas

My little guy gobbles up Hummus & thinks it's cheese for his yummy crackers & pita chips! Problem is that it seems a bit on the expensive side when I get it at Mark...


How Do You Make a Bottle?

D.S. asks from Asheville

I have a bottle fed 6 month old. I'm curious about how other mothers make their bottles. I use cold tap water then add the formula. My formula always ends up with ...


How to Make a Decision

L.N. asks from New York

i am being unable to make decision for my 7 year old daughter. every time i come up with something different. so i need some advice from you all, although i just need...

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  • tahini is ground sesame seeds in 4 answers "I think they sell them at Target. Tahini is ground sesame seeds."
  • cloves of garlic in 3 answers "... I use Tony's Creole seasoning instead for added spiciness) 2-3 cloves of garlic ..."
  • garbanzo beans in 5 answers "2 cans garbanzo beans (or butter beans for a creamier taste) - drain, save liquid ..."
  • cup lemon juice in 2 answers "it has a better flavor 1/4 cup lemon juice salt to taste (I use Tony's Creole seasoning ..."
  • dont force him to play in 3 answers "Don't let him just go home, take him and keep him there. Don't force him to play with ..."