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Pen Marks on Shoes

A.M. asks from El Paso

My 2 year old daughter wrote on her white leather shoes with a black pen and Ive tried lots of things to get the ink off the shoes. I tried soapy water, the mr.clean ...


Stainless Steel Sucks!!!

L.C. asks from Chicago

I decided to go with all stainless steel when we remodeled our kitchen. I am so regretting it now! I feel like i can never get it clean! I have tried every stainless ...


Help! Need Stain Removal

C.P. asks from Rochester

My son got sick after drinking a glass of strawberry milk. It threw it up all over my white floral carpet. I quickly put Bissel stain removal agent on it. Next, I ...


Permanant Marker on walls...HELP!

J.M. asks from Odessa

My 3yo artist wrote on the wall with permanent marker. It's quite large and she used black. I've tried magic eraser, toothpaste, 409 as well as plain soap and water...


~~Would like Advice on How to Get Rid of Age Spots on Face ~~

J.M. asks from San Francisco

Hello everyone... I have a few age spots on my face that bother me. I wondered if anyone has a magic trick up there sleeve to pass along. Either a product or an old ...


2 1/2 Year Old Scared of Slepeing in Her Room

K.D. asks from Atlanta

My 2 1/2 year old daughter just started last wek being scared of going to sleep in her room. Doesn't matter if it is at night or during the day at nap time. She says ...


Are Character Meals at Disney World Worth It?

M.T. asks from Milwaukee

My husband and I are taking our kids to Disney World for the first time. We will be staying off site and going to Magic Kingdom for two days. My plan is to pack eno...


Makeup Stain on White Carpet

J.D. asks from Fort Collins

I spilled a whole bottle of foundation (makeup)on the white carpet in my bathroom. I tried to use spotshot (the best stuff I know of) on it, but it hardly made it any...


Searching for a Good Stove Cleaner

M.C. asks from Cleveland

Good Morning Mammas, I am in desperate need of a good cleaner for our stove. It is about 5 years old and I admit that I have not kept up on it. Over the past wee...

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