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I Have a Low Grade Fever, Extreme Fatigue....

I would personally say to get tested for Lyme disease. I've had that for 17+ yrs and know much of the symptoms you speak of. All of the suggestions below ...

Help, 4-Year-old Has Headache for 2 Weeks Now.

I was a teen with my 1st bout and similar symptoms to your son, but maybe not exact. So, that's one avenue to look down. The other is the Lyme disease ...

Leg Pain in 6 Year Old

Here is a website that talks about the different stages and symptoms of Lyme Disease: Helpful? ...

Arthritis-Like Pain

Has anyone had these symptoms and have it be something other than arthritis or RA? ... You may want to get tested for Lyme Disease. Best of luck. Helpful? ...

Runny Nose and Cough Related to Teething?

High Cholesterol · Incontinence · Irritable Bowel · Lyme Disease · Medications .... 3rd and is having the same symptoms. Runny, runny, runny nose (mostly ...

Maybe You Can Help Figure Out What Doctors Cant

Your symptoms may be caused by any number of conditions which is why you have .... Try having them test you for Lyme disease. My mother was just diagnosed ...

Cold and Raised Red Bumps??

Roseola symptoms may include: * Fever. Roseola typically starts with a sudden ... It is called the "sixth disease". Alot of kids don't get it and moms never ...

Transient Fever

... things including Lyme disease, Lupus, Kawasaki Disease, Celiac's, low selium . ... High fever no other symptoms. At the same general time (but not at the ...

Does Your Child Have a "Summer Virus"?

Look for any new symptoms or suspicious insect bites. i have heard of .... 2 things my doctor always checks for are bladder infection and lyme disease. ...

My Children Keep There Something Going Around?

High Cholesterol · Incontinence · Irritable Bowel · Lyme Disease · Medications ... My friends daughter had similiar symptoms several weeks ago. ...
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  • terrible runny nose in 2 answers "When my daughter was teething, she would get a terrible runny nose and diarrhea."
  • said it was growing pains in 2 answers "... child and my mom didn't listen to the doctor when they said it was growing pains ..."
  • adrenal fatigue in 2 answers "... an alternative holistic medicine Dr to evaluate me for adrenal fatigue ..."
  • lyme disease in 4 answers "The other is the Lyme disease avenue."
  • low grade fever in 2 answers "My son always got a low grade fever, upset stomach and slept a lot too."