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Diapers for Sensitive Skin???

My son has very sensitive skin and we use Luvs diapers which work great. I also use "Triple Paste" on him when he has a rash and it relieves the rash very ...

Advice on Berkley & Jensen Diapers (From Bj's Discount Club)

I've had good luck with the Berkley & Jensen brand diapers and that brand of wipes as well. I also use the $5.00 off coupon for Luvs that they often feature ...

Generic Diapers

The Walmart brand diapers( White Clouds) are great. I used them on my daughter after trying alot of different ... Do You Use Target or Luvs Brand Diapers? ...

My Eight Month Old Is Soaking His Bed

I went up a size in Luvs diapers and it worked last night. I had previously tried cloth diapers and they were worse yet. Some things definetly work better ...

Generic Brand of Diapers

Luvs - We have tried these but be careful if your little one has sensitive skin. There is a scented gel strip inside the diaper that my daughter is allergic ...

I Need Diaper Advice!!

They have overnight diapers that work great, but for me, the ones that I liked the best were Luvs. I mean it. And if that does not work, get some diaper ...

Costco Diapers

i do not know about the costco diapers but we used to use pampers then my son started leaking thru them and we switched to luvs (much cheaper) and he stoped ...

Costco Diapers - Kirkland Brand

Has anybody had any experience with Kirkland diapers (sold at Costco), ... at all without leaking through, FYI) My fave brand of cheaper diapers is Luvs. ...

Best Diapers During the Night

I think it is just the diapers. They just don't hold as much liquid. I would try a different brand at night. I know I am definately going to get LUVS next ...

Leaky Diapers at Night

both of my boys...we have used luvs....and when leaky problems happened with us ...we buy a small pack of diapers the next size up....and he uses them at ...
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  • try moving up a size in 2 answers "Like the other women have said try moving up a size at night."
  • love costco diapers in 2 answers "I LOVE costco diapers! I actually need to go get some more!"
  • white cloud in 7 answers "I would also suggest White Cloud, or the one's from Sam's Club and Costco."
  • works like a charm in 2 answers "Try moving up a size in diapers in the evening. Works like a charm every time for ..."
  • triple paste in 3 answers "I also use "Triple Paste""