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Lump in Daughters Armpit Still there...need Your Input!!

T.F. asks from Philadelphia

Back in 2007 i found a lump in my daughters armpit. We went to doctor who sent us to general surgeon...needless to say my daughter went through alot of testing...mri'...



M.B. asks from Nashville

hi this question is for me i have developed a bump on my eyelid it started out very tiny and is just getting bigger it doesnt hurt or anything just worried what it co...


Done Breast Feeding and Now Have Breast Tenderness and a Hard Lump

M.S. asks from Detroit

I've been done breast feeding for about 3wks., my daughter just quit nursing and I couldn't keep up with full time work and breast pumping. My breasts seemed to dry ...


5 Year Old with a Pea-sized Lump on Tongue

L.R. asks from Kansas City

Hello moms, last week Thursday I noticed a pea-sized lump on the left side of my son's tongue. He told me it doesn't hurt and that he didn't even know it was there un...


Pea Size Lump on My 16 Month Old's Neck. . .

L.H. asks from Detroit

I have found a small pea size lump under the skin below the ear kinda where the neck and shoulder for the curve. It is kind of hard and moves easily. I THINK it may...


Eye Twitching Is Driving Me Nuts

M.P. asks from Asheville

My right upper eye lid has been twitching off and on all day, almost every day, for about 2 months. It's about to drive me completely insane. I have tried upping the ...


I Have a Black Eye - Help! :(

J.H. asks from New York

Wow - I haven't been on Mamapedia for a while! Yesterday my dog wrapped her leash around my legs and I fell, eventually hitting the ground with my browbone. I imme...


Eye Pain in Toddler

M.I. asks from Tampa

Hello everyone, I am so terribly worried about my 2 1/2 year old son. Started over a month ago that he would grab his head an yell out "mommy, head hurt", it wou...


Infant Breast Lump

D.N. asks from Tampa

Has anyone ever heard of or experienced breast lumps in their baby girls? My husband noticed one in our daughter - almost a marble size right under the nipple on one...


My 5 Month Old Daughter Has a Lump in Her Breast

M.F. asks from Chicago

Today when I was giving my daughter a bath I noticed that she has a lump (about the size of a grape)in her left breast. I have never noticed it before. Is this norm...

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