low hemoglobin

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Low Hemoglobin

Read all 11 responses: "My one-year old has been having low hemoglobin for five months now. She's been taking iron supplements and her iron level improved ...

Son Found to Have Low Haemoglobin at Ninth Month Visit to the Pediatrician

Also low hemoglobin is not common in a 9 month old as stated by another poster nor is it common in all breastfed babies. It is common in vegetarians with ...

Lower Iron Count in 1 Year Old?

I don't know what my son's "count" was at 1 year, but he was low iron also and ... The reason hemoglobin, hematocrit nor MCV aren't necessarily accurate is ...


Has anyone had the same issue where their child had a low hemoglobin level but was able to raise it with a change it their diet? ...

I Would like Info on Sickel Cell Trait

Your OB can do a blood test on you called a hemoglobin electrophoresis that will check to see if you carry the trait. .... Low Hemoglobin Result ...

Low or No Iron Prenatal Vitamins

I am looking for a brand that has no or low iron, as I am iron ... If you do go with decreased iron make your doctor check your hemoglobin at least once a ...

Lactose Intolerance Symptoms

A study of positive predictive values (ppv) of various indicators of allergy shows that peripheral eosinophilia had a 10 percent ppv, low hemoglobin had a ...

Concerned About Weight Gain in My 9 Month Old

They tested my son at a year and his hemoglobin was 8.4 (pretty low). So we started him on liquid iron 3 times a day for the past month and just went back ...


Next question: 9 Month Old with Low Iron..... Not Sure About Fer-In-Sol? ... Low Iron Level in My 17 Month Old Daughter. ... Low Hemoglobin ...

Is Bruising Easily a Symptom of Breastfeeding?

A blood test with complete blood count (CBC) can identify if you're low in hemoglobin or platelets (clotting factors in the blood). ...
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