lotrimin diaper rash

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Bad Toddler Diaper Rash

It helped my baby when he had a terrible diaper rash that could not be corrected with lotrimin. You could also modify you child's diet( this might be harder ...

Diaper Rash

May 9, 2009 ... When my daughter had a diaper rash so bad that it blistered (ouch!), the pediatrician's office recommended mixing lotrimin AF with the ...

Horrible Diaper Rash

Jul 15, 2009 ... It is possible that it is a bacterial infection rather than a normal diaper rash . Try putting some Lotrimin on it (yes, the stuff for feet) ...

Overnight Diaper Rash

I had a friend tell me when her baby had bad diaper rash her pedi told her to put Lotrimin AF on it. That is a fungal cream for feet but she said it worked ...

Diaper Rash or Something Else?

I'd keep up the lotrimin for a few days, maybe use some desitin or other regular diaper rash cream if he seems bothered by them. ...

Yeast Diaper Rash

(verses looking spotty like a normal diaper rash) It will not go away with diaper cream.You need to get athletes foot cream (lotrimin) off brand is fine. ...

Diaper Rash

My son got an ear infection, and developed a nasty case of diaper rash because he was on antibiotics. My doctor told me to use lotrimin AF (it's an over the ...

Horrible Diaper Rash. Please Help!!!

I need help with my little ones diaper rash. I am not even sure it is diaper rash. ... I would try some Lotrimin AF like the previous poster said...we have ...

Diaper Rash

Call your pediatrician - it may not be diaper rash but a vaginal fungus or infection....which is easily treatable w/ Lotrimin. Helpful? ...

Baby Has a Terrible Diaper Rash...

have you thought of it maybe being a yeast infection? they look like diaper rashes but dont go away with rash cream. try lotrimin for athetes foor or ...
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