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Weight Loss

J.H. asks from Nashville

I need some help. I am over weight and have high BP. I have walked 3 to 4 miles a day for over 4 months, 4 to 6 times a week. I watch what I eat and make healthy choi...


:( Weight Loss

S.L. asks from Columbia

:( So I am over weight, especially after having my son who is almost 9 months old. I need to lose weight. I feel reidiculous. The thing is I NEED someome to tell me ...


Weight Loss

M.R. asks from Dallas

Hi Mommas! I am struggling to lose my last 30 pounds. I had a partial (uterus removal) hysterectomy 12/07 and haven't been able to lose any weight and keep it off ev...


Weight Loss

M.M. asks from York

I work full time so when I get home I really hate to run off to the gym. I generally have my daughter by myself so I would need something that would hold her attenti...


Weight Loss

V.S. asks from Salt Lake City

Hello fellow moms. I am still trying to get in shape after having my child. He is almost 2 and instead of losing weight I gain it like no tomorrow. I am getting ve...


Weight Loss

J.G. asks from New York

Hey everyone. This is not so much a question as a statement. I started Weight Watchers in January, right after new years. I was very successful, having lost 14 lbs...


Weight Loss

M.M. asks from York

Good morning, ladies! I need some help. I have always been a naturally thin woman. I got pregnant when I was 27 and gained a whopping 80 pounds. It is not like I ...


Accupuncture & Weight Loss

A.L. asks from Phoenix

Do you think it would help? Has anyone done accupuncture. I did it previously to help in getting pregnant. Just curious if it could help in weight loss. Thanks.


Quick Weight Loss

S.S. asks from Houston

Has anyone dealt with Quick weight Loss centers? How was your experience? Did it work? How much did you pay because I would like to know if the price is nogotiable? T...


Diet & Weight-loss

S.W. asks from Atlanta

I had my baby 6 months ago. I need help for loss some weight. Please someone recommend a good diet.

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