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No Judgement Please! Who Has Had a Tummy Tuck After Kids and Your Thoughts?

A.N. asks from Dallas

I'm done having kids. I'm not overweight. Certainly have a few vanity pounds like the rest of the world but I wear a size 6. However, my tummy is just protruded an...


Tummy Fat - Almost Looks like I Am Pregnant!

S.K. asks from Minneapolis

sigh ! My son is 17 months old and I still have tummy fat. My tummy is growing and growing without a baby inside. I even got asked if I am expecting another one. My...


Surgery - Breast Reducion & Tummy Tuck

S.K. asks from Minneapolis

Hi there - I'm hoping that there are some moms out there and possibly some Dr. / Nurse moms who have experience with this question... I will be having a breast re...


Tummy Fat

S.C. asks from Boston

Hello, I'm really tired of my belly bulging out. I work out eat the right foods and still it's taking forever for my stomach and love handles to go away. Can anybo...


Tummy Tuck & Breast Lift W/implants ?????

K.L. asks from Miami

I have seen 2 diff cosmetic surgeons and have gotten 2 Totally different opinions. I am confused. I'm a 31 yo fml who currently has breast implants.I am healthy, a no...


How to Know When a Tummy Ache or Headache Is a Real One????

P.P. asks from Dallas

My daughter has taken the habit of complaining about headaches and tummy aches every time she has to go through a routine (bedtime, school day, nap time etc). Well, I...


Is There Anything One Can Do About Loose Excess Skins on Tummy

P.M. asks from Atlanta

i had twins 2.5 years ago and another child 11 months ago. i am pretty thin i wear a size 7 pants but i have so much exta hanging skin on my stomach. it gets pinched...


Any Advice on How to Tell My 4 and 6 Mommy Isn't Having a Baby Anymore?

J.L. asks from Detroit

My husband and I have been trying for a little over three years to get pregnant with our third child. We found out about three weeks ago we were pregnant, but then l...


Wondering How Long It Takes to Lose the Baby Weight!

R.W. asks from Chicago

Just wondering how long it took all you mom's out there to get back to your regular size. I had a baby in the beginning of December and still can't fit into any of m...


Seeking Mommy Advice

C.C. asks from New York

My daughter is 30 months old. Her name is Destiny. We went to the emergency room on Monday and they told me she has an ear infection and a throat virus. Every since S...

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