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My Teenager Is Rude

Check out Parenting with LOve and Logic. YOu could probably just do a google ..... and then institute consequences when she does not do what is expected. ...

How to Stay Calm?

I.G. asks from Boise

Both my kids (girl, 3yrs and boy, almost 5yrs) are very independent, strong willed and full of energy. I love that, but am also really challenged when it comes to dea...


3 Yr Old Daughter Out of Control

A.M. asks from Denver

My 3 yr old is out of control and never listens. We have tried therapy and that did not work. She never does what she is told big or small requests. Some please help me.


Enforcing "No"

J.R. asks from Sioux City

i have a 16 month old daughter who understands what no means, but just laughs. she is an easy going child with lots of personality. but when she does things that sh...


Advice on a Three Year Old Who Is Acting Out

E.W. asks from Dallas

My three year old is suddenly acting out. We just had a baby and I am sure that this has everything to with it. The thing is he treats her great but he will not lis...


Seeking Advice on My 15 Month Old Daughter.....

N.L. asks from Dallas

My daughter is 15 months old and has for the past three weeks been constantly fussing/whining. There is nothing wrong, she just does it all the time for whatever she...


Advice and or Parenting Book Recommendations

T.K. asks from Sacramento

Hi mamas - I recently started having difficulty with my four year old. Up until now, he has been a pretty easy child. He always did what was asked of him and was ...


Acting Out

L.L. asks from Denver

We have a 3 year old grand daughter in our house that is very "rebellious" over everything. It's no to everything, back-talking like she is a teenager and going out ...


Terrible Two's

K. asks from Las Vegas

My daughter turned two in November. I feel like I went from being a great mom to being a horrible one. My entire day with her is one battle after another. I have re...


My Daughter Is Going Through a Difficult stage...She Won't Listen

A.C. asks from Denver

I am having trouble in several areas as a result of my child not listening. My daughter is 21 months I know that this is a exploration stage for children. However I n...

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