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16 Month Old W/ a cold...what Can I Do?

I also swear by Little Noses Saline spray for his nose - about 5 times a day, especially before bed. He is usually able to kick a cold within 2-3 days doing ...

In Need of a Good Congestion Medicine for 5 Mo. Old

Saline drops by little noses and prop the crib mattress up a with a phone book. The saline solution loosens the mucus and lets it drain out. ...

2 Year Old Keeps Getting Bloody Noses

Ya someone I know has a son who gets bloody noses frequently also. They take a Q -tip and get a little vassaline and put a bit up his nose. ...

Newborn Baby Feeling Under the Weather

just fyi if you can't find the little noses brand, regular saline nasal spray works well too. we used a humidfier with our little one, when he got to three ...

6 Month Old with a Cold

Oct 20, 2009 ... The Little Noses Nasal Spray just 2 drops on each side and if you can use the bulb syringe to get some of the mucus out. ...

17 Month Old W/ a cold...any Suggestions to Help Him Feel Better?

My doctor has me give her Tylenol and then 2 hours later motrin (if fever present), little noses decongestion drops, and suctioning the nose with a bulb ...

9 Month Old with a Cold

They make Little Noses for infants and toddlers. I would try that and possibly putting a pillow under his mattress so his head is elevated...better yet, ...

My 17 Month Old Can't Get Rid of Her Cold

Something I keep on hand ALWAYS is saline nose drops. Little Noses makes them. They have decongestant and regular. I recommend just the regular kind. ...

3 Week Old Sleeping on Their Side

I bought Little Noses it's saline spraydrops depending on which way you hold the bottle My Dr recommended it Also I found a warm steam humidifier where I ...

Need Help on What to Give My Baby for His Cold

Little Noses Saline Drops. Been there and that's the only option I had. When you 're baby sleeps elevate the mattress a little to keep fluid from building up ...
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  • still gets bloody noses in 2 answers "My daughter is seven and she still gets bloody noses too."
  • saline spray for his nose in 2 answers "I also swear by Little Noses Saline spray for his nose - about 5 times a day, especially ..."
  • saline nasal spray in 3 answers "Saline nasal spray and a bulb aspirator to suck out snot (yep, it's gross, but it ..."
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