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Traveling Overseas

Now the best thing to do once you land is different, keep them awake depending ... with their own things to do from movies, books, lego and matchbox cars. ...

Birthday Party Suggestions for Turning 4

Talk like a pirate, example Have yer mum call by land line. .... I even made a Lego Pinata with a large square box. I cut out holes and poked through the ...

Disney Florida

Downtown Disney has Legoland where kids can play with Legos, a great ice cream shop and lots of shops. Have a great trip - I'm sure you will love it. ...


CA. and they had fun at Legoland. Other ideas might be somewhere where you can play on a beach (well supervised of course)Great America in Santa Clara is a ...

Friends with Kids Coming for Week Visit Need Help :)

Six Flags, Hancock Tower and Legoland. I know this is going to be expensive and I hoping there are ... I would skip Legoland, not worth the cost. Helpful? ...

Gift Ideas for 4 Yr. Old Daughter

Oct 29, 2009 ... Our kids love their Leapster and Legos. Puzzles are a big hit, too. Candy Land, Chutes and Ladders, and Memory are a lot of fun, too. ...

How to Find DISCOUNT Tickets to Disneyland????

... a Disneyland fanatic....knows all the secrets to D-Land, ins & outs, great places to stay & eat. ..... Next question: Disney Tix, Carlsbad, & LegoLand ...

Games for 2 Year Old

There is a new version out of candy land. He sounds like a very bright little .... There is a fishing game for that age group, how about legos or blocks. ...

My Son Wants to Build a Robot

There also used to be a Mindstorms robotics "lab" at Legoland in Carlsbad where kids could get instruction in using the product. ...

Best Amusement Park for Kids 6 an Under

If you are up for an adventure(an expensive one) Legoland in California is great for kids probably 5-12yrs. We just got back and my 10 year old loved it. ...
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