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Legal Age for Babysitting

I have tried to look up the legal age of siblings babysitting..." ... I know sometimes you need to work as a team and help family out when needed! ...

This Is a Tough One, but Need Help

get advice from "Legal Zoom .com" I am about to try it for myself & see what they have to say about ... Mom Desperately Seeking Legal Help for Child Custody ...

Getting Divorce and Seeking Advice

Please for the sake of your children seek LEGAL advice The thing concerning your ..... Help with using Mamapedia, Unsubscribe Emails, Feedback Suggestions ...

Help with Cats in Heat

Pimping out the neighbors male cat may help in a pinch. Lol. As long as no money is exchanged it is completely legal. Lol. Helpful? ...

Sister in Law Advice

Nov 3, 2009 ... I know that the kids now have someone else to help them. ..... The nanny, I hope is over legal age to work, therefore, an adult, ...

Less Expensive Divorce Options?

If you didn't agree to receive at least that, you need to get some legal help... Sounds like a joint custody case and hopefully you have a clear visitation ...

Experience with Open Adoption Process????

So, I would strongly recommend you secure legal help with this, have adoption papers drawn up ect. I think you can and should discuss the "open" aspect with ...

Help with Landlord Fixing Problems

Please help. If we can legally break our lease, that is what I will do ... Honey this is all legal. they will have someone out so fast your head will spin. ...

Need Help with My Overbearing and Cheap Boss

He'll smile nod his head and say "Thanks for all your help but "ENJOY" your .... I am not an attorney and therefore cannot offer any sound legal advice, ...

Godfather Advice

He just could not believe how many moms took time to help us with our problem. ... In my opinion, while his name may be the legal one on the certificate, ...
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