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Authorities Will Be Contacted. Please Help!

There is no legal action that can be taken against you. .... how is it legal for them to make you vaccinate? i know so many people who make the educated ...

Beginning to Homeschool

I would recommend Homeschool Legal Defense Association. ... There is a group called Homeschool Legal Defense that can give you a lot of information on each ...

Assisting Elderly Parents

In addition to all the legal advise you are recieving. ... While her work is definitely not a substitute for a will and other legal documents, ...


beware of legal aid. My lawyer was a real JERK and did not explain everything to ... Call legal aid in Arlington. I am just recently divorced myself...way ...

Mom Seeking Advice/info on Car Accident and Being Sued

I don't know the legal details like some of these ladies, but I do know my hubby had a similar issue a few ... We Have a Trampolione-legal Ramifications. ...

Mediation Vs. Lawyer

As a mom involved in a painful legal battle, I would advocate for consulting a lawyer, but doing everything possible to use mediation. ...

I Need Help Finding a Child Psychologist or Counselor

Usually the only way insurance can be changed is in a life changing situation lie a birth, death, divorce, etc. and there has to be legal paperwork. ...

Need a Cheap but Good Custody Battle Attorney

We are due to go back to court very soon and I don't want to go in without some sort of legal standing. I have very little money so I would need someone ...

Co Signer Not Paying

However, if it's both your names or just his, he has the legal right to ... The person or company who holds the title is the legal owner of the car. ...

Medical Consent for Kids While Parents Are Out of the Country

Here is a link to a legal form. Move down the page and you'll see it. ... I, ______, the parent and legal custodian of ______, a minor, hereby authorize ...
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