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My Toddler Might Be Having Leg Cramps at Night, Any Suggestions

Read all 9 responses: "My 3 yr old toddler is having leg pain in the middle of the nite. She's not screaming or anything she just tells me and I rub her leg.

Leg Pain in 6 Year Old

Read all 28 responses: "My daughter has been complaining of leg pain for about 2 1/2 weeks now. It appears to be the muscles. Sometimes it will be the thigh ...

Son Complaining of Leg Pain

Read all 44 responses: "HELP! My middle son, David (3 1/2) has been complaining of leg pain. It wakes him up at night and he cries saying "Mommy it hurts" I ...

Butt/leg Pain

Read all 9 responses: "just wondering if anyone has any experience with this... i am 36 weeks pregnant with twins (yaaa), and although i am not very big for ...

Boxer Lost Use of Back Leg

She doesn't seem to be in any pain though. I've felt around and see nothing. It's kind of like her leg is just hanging there. ...

Has Anyone Ever Experienced Knee Pain After Pregnancy?

Since my delivery, however, I have noticed extreme pain when I kneel or even bend my leg too quickly. While it is a bit difficult to describe, it feels like ...

Severe Backache Pain with Second Pregnancy

I did have some back pain with my second but not as bad. ... That far up does not sound like epidural pain, but it could be gall bladder. ... Butt/leg Pain ...

Help with Pain in Arch Area and Heel (Flat Feet)

I have high arches and get foot and leg pain if I don't wear shoes with good arch supports. Wal-mart sells a shoe insert specifically designed for arch ...

Lower Back Pain at 28 Weeks

Sometimes I would take a step or adjust my weight and the pain would cause my leg to buckle underneath me. The good news is that as the baby grows and moves ...

Toddler Hurt His Leg

There is also another problem , called " Legg Perthes Disease" that makes a child have hip and leg pain and is hard to diagnose in the beginning. ...
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  • complains of leg pains in 2 answers "My oldest son is 7 and still complains of leg pains...my Dr."
  • its just growing pains in 2 answers "... down from generation to generation but in most cases it's just growing pains."
  • its just growing pains in 2 answers "... age, and after a couple of days he quit doing it. Maybe it's just growing pains."
  • likely growing pains in 2 answers "I talked to my pediatrian -- who confirmed that they were likely growing pains."
  • can also cause leg in 2 answers "If he is not eating enough of fruit, veggies or water this can also cause leg cramps."