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Getting Ink Out of Leather

I worked for a Lexus dealership and for the leather interior we used Pampers babywipes to get ink stain out of the Leather. It's non-abrasive. Good luck ...

How to Get Oil Out of the Couch?

Both of those always work for getting oil/grease stains of clothes and firniture . Hope that helps! Helpful? .... oil stain · leather living room furniture ...

Stain on My Countertop!

I had a pen mark on my leather couch that wasn't noticed right away and the Magic Eraser took the stain right out. I also had some Kool-Aid on my countertop ...

Pets and Faux Leather

I bought a couch that was stain treated and its amazing how things just come off of it. ... Faux leather does not wear as well as whole hide leather. ...

White Couch Disaster - Good Stain Remover Needed!

Honest to goodness, I've heard that vodka is a great stain remover. ... inconsistent in spots, so id be careful with any kind of pleather/leather. Helpful? ...

How to remove ink stain from carpet?

Have you tried Resolve Carpet Stain Remover? It works wonders. ... I have a light tan leather sofa,one of my sority sisters wrote on it accidently. ...

Microsuede? Love It or Leave It?

Sep 27, 2009 ... Have always had leather - and was getting tired of it - my kids don't ... This can look like a stain, but it's really just the way the light ...

Removing Pen Marks from Bumbo Chair

Next question: Removing Pen Stain from a Leather Wallet ... How Do You Ink Pen Out of Leather Chaps? ... How Do You Get Pen Ink off Leather? ...

Marble Countertop in Bathroom

Read all 15 responses: "I have a water ring stain on my marble bathroom countertop and my ... Next question: Stain on My Countertop! ... Stains on Leather ...

Marker on My Sofa!!

... marker stain (if you can find it). Even dry-erase markers are 'permanent' when used on absorbent materials (leather, cloth, paper, carpeting, etc). ...
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