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Cleaning Leather

Take it to US Shoe Hospital. They specialize in cleaning leather. If she does not have one, you could call them and ask them for their advice and probably ...

Cleaning Pen Marks off Leather

haven't tried it yet but it seems to get everything else clean including leather shoes!?!? But you might want to try the magic eraser, i swear by it it even ...

How to Clean Shoes That Make Feet Stink!

I don't have a solution on how to clean the shoes, but I do Know of a shoe brand that ... About 6 years ago I bought a pair of leather sandals from Aldo. ...

Toddler Shoes

... and some that ended up being her favorite shoes (and made of real leather ... good shoes are so important! I'd look for sales or on eBay/craigslist for ...

How Do You Get Pen Out of Leather Seats?

My son had fun with a pen on my mom's leather couch and the Magic Eraser got it ... It makes shoes look white again, u can use it to clean any part of your ...

Magic Eraser and Leather Car Interior

HI M., although I have never used a magic eraser on a leather car interior, I have used it on leather jazz shoes, tap shoes, walls, metal doors, ...

How to Remove Crayon from Leather Car Interior

It works on a lot stains, scuff marks on floors from shoes. ... I'd stick with the Magic Eraser and follow up with a leather conditioner in case it did ...

Best Way to Clean Sneakers?

I'm not too sure about leather shoes, but at least the other kinds should be ok. ... are they leather tennies shoes or canvas, either or I throw mine in the ...

Are Stride Rite Shoes Worth It?

So, when they do need shoes they should be as close to barefoot as possible. We had lots of those thin leather (or leather like, I should say) shoes from ...
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