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Late Crawling and Learning Disabilites

He is not only NOT learning-disabled, he's reading 2 grade levels above where he ..... I never heard of late crawling leading to learning disabilities. ...

Undiagnosed Learning Disorder

Hi J., I also have a child that has ADHD and an undiagnosed learning disability. I believe he has some auditory processing issues stemming from severe ...

My 13 Year Old Son Is What Is a "Gifted" Student, Also Learning Disabled

My 13 Year Old Son Is What Is a "Gifted" Student, Also Learning Disabled. What professionals do I speak to, or have him tested by, so that I can get him the ...

Mom Seeking Advice About Learning Disabilitiy Dslexia

They are required by law to test and provide support for learning disabilities as well as for anything that hinders school success. ...

Question on Testing for Dyslexia

It sounds like your son should be tested for a learning disability, ... Start by requesting that the school test your son for learning disabilities. ...

Unmotivated 12 Year Old

Have you ever had him tested for any learning disabilities? ... Look into the learning disabilities. Maybe he is unmotivated because it is to difficult for ...

How to Help My Daughter in Math

Learning disabilities include problems that deal with mental processes--such as reading difficulties (dyslexia), writing difficulties (dysgraphia), ...

Tchild with Disabilities

My child too has learning disabilities and I have been in a constant fight with my shcool district over his education. What finally helped me, was bringing ...

Info About Montessori Schools

I don't know if they accept children with learning disabilities; ... I have a 10 year old with 2 learning disabilities and they were willing to help him out ...

Special Needs Learning Centers in the Flint Area

Has your daughter put your grandson in any type of early learning classes? The sooner you get him help the ... 4 Year Old Might Have Learning Disabilities ...
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