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Eye Exam...Opthalmologist Vs. Optometrist

Jun 15, 2009 ... We do not have vision coverage but our insurance covers my son's vists to the opthamologist because he has a lazy eye, which is a problem of ...

Blurred Eye Glass Lenses Instead of Eye Patch.....

I have four children and two of them have had to wear the patch to strengthen their weak eye due to amblyopia or "lazy eye". My nine year old doesn't wear ...

Eye Patch

My 22 month old has a "lazy" eye. The doctor prescribed the eye patch for her and in the beginning she was wearing it for the required length (4 hours/day). ...

Son Needs Eye Exam and Possible Glasses... (Revised)

Works with all the NICU babies from St John Hospital; but mine lil one went to him for possible lazy eye(strong family history); thankful she is fine. ...

1 Month Old Not Making Good Eye Contact

Well, we ended up switching insurance and pediatricians and by 15 months my son had developed a lazy eye. The new pediatrician refered him to a pediactric ...

2 1/2 Year Old Daughter Complains of Eye Pain

This was 33 years ago, but when I was a baby I had a floating (lazy eye) and the first doctor wanted to immediately due surgery on an infant. ...

Dentist and Eye Dr.

When I finally got the referral to the pediatric ophthalmologist, she was diagnosed with amblyopia (not to be confused with "lazy eye"). ...

Need Good Eye Doctor for 1 Year Old to Get Base Line on Eye Problems

She may have lazy eye, and or what is called jaw wink syndrome. We would like to get a base line to head off any problems that may a raise. ...

Lazy Larynx

Lazy Larynx. I have a 13 week old daughter. She snores qutie loudly. At her two month checkup her ... Another thing to keep an eye out for is reflux. ...
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