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Traffic Ticket?

My husband consulted a traffic lawyer. The lawyer pushed his court date to a ... I didn't know there were traffic lawyers but you might find one or at the ...

Need a Divorce, Quick and Easy...

Apr 15, 2009 ... You have to change the stuff and fill it out, but if you both are in agreement then it'll be easy and quick without paying for lawyers. ...

**HELP!!!!** Top Notch Denton Divorce Lawyer Needed

Read all 13 responses: "Hi Mammas, I have found myself in need of an excellent divorce/custody attorney who practices in Denton County.

Step-parent Adoption

Do you need a lawyer and if so around how much does something like this. ... I know lawyers are expensive, but if you get a good one, you may not have to go ...

Looking for Information on Stepchild Adoption

I would talk to a family lawyer. I am guessing they can help you with the ... I work for a lawyer and I know she's done an adoption by a stepparent before. ...

Child's Rights

Do We Really Need a Lawyer ... child support lawyers · find an attorney · father's rights · will attorney · parenting divorce · need attorney ...

Step-parent Adoption Issues

I had a lawyer during this step and I had to wait until I could find him in order to serve the papers to him. I have heard that you just have to advertise ...

Seeking Legal Advice Quickly...

Take care of your child and watch what plans you make that can be used against you Get your own lawyer take care of yourself There is nothing wrong with his ...

Divorce Through Mediation

Aug 27, 2009 ... I went thru a divorce 5+ yrs ago & we used mediation but there were no kids involved My suggestion is get an lawyer You will need someone to ...


We have left a message with our lawyer, but have not heard back yet. I know we have a lot of things to decide - like age of kid and stuff like that. ...
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