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Looking for Material to Put Under Playscape and Picnic Table

Next question: Material to Use Under the Playset ( Mulch, Pebbles,Grass) ... lawn landscaping · grass landscaping · landscaping grass · wooden playsets ...

Looking for a Yard Service to Clean a 10X10 Spot in My Yard to Prep for a Garden

I want to plant a garden but there is too much grass..." ... Call Wyatt's Lawn Maint. He is very reasonable and will do just about any Job, ...

Advise on Purchasing a Trampoline

We had it on the grass and would have to move it to mow so if you plan to keep it ... lawn mower and wheelbarrow at night where our dog can't chew them up! ...

Anyone Use Organic Pest Control Inside Their Home?

Spary lawns and bugs in the grass will drown and others will stay away. Treatment of your entire lawn will result in greener grass with less watering ...

Backyard Play Area

Except for the sand area, we just left the grass around our swing set and other little tyke stuff. Not fun mowing the lawn around it though! ...

I Need Gardening Advice!!

Every 2 to 3 months you can put something on your lawn. ... We usually cut our grass back to just a couple of inches high for the winter months and, ...

I Have Little Tree Roots Growing Through My Yard

My problem is I have tiny tree roots growing through my landscaping and lawn. ... Since there are also grass and plantings you may be judging the amount of ...

Dogs and Fertilizers>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Read all 3 responses: "I have never used in 10 years any fertilzers for my lawn. But it looks really bad now. If I would use a weed and feed for my grass,how ...

I Need Good Advice on Yard Care for My Terrible Weeded Yard!

goat heads in 2 answers "I ask because grass will choke out goat heads easily. ... You could consult a lawn specialist and see what suggestions they would ...

Landscaping Ideas

Now that the states laws have changed (as of July 1st) you can't be forced to have grass lawn, by homeowners associations!!! Your county extension service ...
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  • boric acid powder in 2 answers "Mix a tablespoon of boric acid powder with about half as much granulated white sugar."
  • pamela crawfords books in 2 answers "I want to second the idea for getting Pamela Crawford's books."
  • county extension agent in 2 answers "My first suggestion will be contact your local County Extension Agent to see if there's ..."
  • had rubber mulch in 2 answers "We have had rubber mulch under our swing set for about 7 years now."
  • knock out roses in 2 answers "... right now). They prefer a bit of shade, but not shade only. Knock-out roses ..."