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Air Travel Tips W/ Infant

On our first flight we ended up buying a last minute ticket for the baby seat which cost $100. On the other flights (we had 3). We did not purchase a seat ...

Advice on Flying W/ a 3 Month Old

If so take it on the plane with you you fold it up at the 'last minute' and hand it to the flight attendant then they 'stow' it out of the way for you. ...

Air Travel with Infant

... Keep your daugther in the Stroller until the last possible minute and ... When I travel, I plan the flight during sleepy hours so that the chance of a ...

Traveling with an Infant? by Plane and Long Car Ride

(a 4-5 hour car ride) We haven't mastered a 5 minute car-ride without .... I purchased last week, a clip on fan that plugs into the lighter for under $9 ... If you are traveling on a light load the gate agents & flight attendant will ...

Should I Buy a Airplane Seat for My 17 Month Old??

that's a hard call. my last flight was christmas when my daughter was 14 months old ... is like you son where she will not sit still for more than a minute. ...

Place to Stay at the Beach

Most of these flights are less than 2 hrs and you are on a FL beach. ... The only disadvantage is that you have to drive to the pool (takes about 1 minute! ... We stayed at Moody Gardens last year....very kid friendly and close to ...

Advice for Air Travel with Infant

I took my 8 mo. to IL last summer, I was pleasantly surprised on how it all went . ... It was the longest flight of my life. My son hardly slept at all and was ..... I think we gave him a very little minute dose of Benadryl to make him ...

First Plane Ride for 6 Month Old, Advice?

In 28 degree weather, we had to make the 45 minute trip from the airport to her home with the window open. ... My son has been on 3 plane flights and he is just turning one. .... I made the mistake of not bringing it on my last trip. ...

Traveling in Mexico - with or Without a Car Seat?

My 5 yr.old and I flew to NYC last February. We didn't use a carseat at all. I do at home! .... We flew into Cancun and had a 45 minute ride to the resort. We chose back in June when we registered for ... Flights to Cozumel ...

20 Month Old and Sleep Habits

... and after flights in treating issues caused from the barometric pressure ... that then put him back and repeat the 5101520 minute routine Each night you ...
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