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12 Year Old Has No Friends

Last week one of the boys took a rubber band with paper attached to the end & hit my .... Is it possible for your son to have contact w/ his friends from ...

Special Needs Son Too Shy to Make Friends at School

One day last year, I asked my dd what she did during lunch that day and she said , "well, I ate by myself because A (her one main friend) was busy with ...

Last Minute B-day Party Invitation (What Would You Do?)

Sep 11, 2009 ... Ive sent out invitations that lastminute before with three young kids .... her friends since it was last minute planning I blame myself only ...

Live with In-laws Can't Have Friends Over

My problem is my kids and I can't have friends over. It's dumb. We can't always go to their house and eat their .... last friends · how to deal with friends ...

Baby Shower???? Should I Let My Friends Throw Me One for Baby Number 3?

Let your friends support you... this baby needs to be welcomed just like ... I have my last two very close together and I get a lot of prying questions. ...

Looking for a New Way to Make Friends with Other Moms

I've been a member of meet-up since last yr. I've met so many wonderful moms & made some great friends! We usually have playdates at the park, ...

Starting Middle School Without Her Friends

It wasn't until the third quarter of last year that he really started fitting in with the rest of the class. If having friends around is something that ...

Need Baby Shower Help

My last friends was two peas in a pod so we had pea salad, lime green sherbet and sprite for punch, ranch dip with celery sticks, and sandwiches from Sam's. ...

What to Cook for Friends.

A favorite of my friends when they have been the recipients is my chicken ... thing One of the best things I recieved from my friends after my last baby was ...

Friends Brother Died, Need Ideas

When my friends husband died at an early age I too wanted to do something special for her. I didn't want to just get her flowers, they don't last. ...
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