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Delivery Experiences at B&W or Mass General

My pregnancy was fine but my labor/delivery was very complicated with fetal heart decels. The nurses, doctors were exceptional with their treatment and the ...

Acupuncture to Induce Labor?

Read all 8 responses: "Has anyone used acupuncture to induce labor? ... you are in my prayers for a complication free, speedy delivery with a healthy baby! ...

Considering Getting Tubes Tied

I used to be a labor and delivery nurse and we did them all the time.They are not that big of a deal. If you have a c-section obviously this is the easiest ...

Having Pain in the Upper Area of the Inside of My Legs..?

I am a labor and delivery nurse, and 34 weeks pregnant with my 3rd, and have the same symptoms, as well as pain in my hips. It is worse when I try to move ...

My 4 Year Old in the Delivery Room?

The thing about labor & delivery is that there is always a chance that something could go wrong. What would happen if for some reason you needed an ...

Foods That Induce Labor

Labor & Delivery · Life & Relationships · Books & Guides .... I heard that egg plant can possibly induce labor, but honestly your baby girl will come when ...

Do It Yourself Labor Induction

Went into labor the next morning and avoided being induced! Highly recommended. All the best to you for a great delivery! 1 mom found this helpful. Helpful? ...

Hospital Preferances for Labor/Delivery

Read all 10 responses: "My husband and I are hoping to have baby number two soon . At this point, I am trying to decide on a new OB and Hospital for ...

Has Anyone Taken a Weekly Progesterone Shot to Prevent Early Labor??

A., NO not to prevent preterm delivery,but I did take Progesterone pills ... shot during her entire pregnancy to keep her from going into early labor. ...

Anyone Experience a Transverse Baby That Turned Before Labor?

The labor and delivery was LONG (26 hours) and the pushing to gether out was over 3 hours, but I think that had more to do with it being my first and the ...
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