labor and delivery of a baby

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Seeking Moms That Have Had a VBAC

I just delivered a VBAC baby August 4th and it was so much better than my ... I am a labor and delivery nurse and I will tell you that a VBAC can be very ...

Induced Labor

Do not freak out, as with anything baby/labor related it is up to the individual , ... Here is what I found with my labor and delivery experiences. ...

Delivery Experiences at B&W or Mass General

I had my baby at MGH last summer and had a fantastic experience. My pregnancy was fine but my labor/delivery was very complicated with fetal heart decels. ...

What to Do with Toddler While Delivering Baby #2!?

NOT him being with me and baby. Baby and I were fine...I'm a Labor and Delivery nurse, so I know all the things to expect etc., so I was totally fine, ...

Induction with 2Nd Baby

I had a really hard delivery with the first - got induced at 40 wks, 5 days, 26 hour labor, epidural didn't work, baby was large and doctor had to use a ...

MIL In Delivery Room??

Maybe they can be there for the labor part in turns and then when it comes close to delivery the baby everyone can leave and you and your husband do the ...

Cost of Having a Baby When Insurance Doesnt Cover???

Read all 12 responses: "My insurance wont cover me having a baby or ... I work at ahospital in labor and delivery and i know that we have cash-pay packages. ...

Childbirth and Head Cold

My sister came down with a cold the day before my home birth delivery. .... breastfeeding 101 · labor and delivery stories · baby with large head ...

Pregnancy and Phlebitis

Jan 17, 2009 ... As a labor & delivery nurse I can tell you that the baby aspirin is fine to take . With aspirin you worry about bleeding, ...

Help Me Deliver This Baby Boy!

I agree with the labor and delivery nurse! I know that the castor oil is a good ... I tried alot of different things trying to get the baby to decide to be ...
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