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Meals That Freeze Well for Friend on Bedrest

Loom knitting - Knifty Knitter looms can be found at Walmart and JoAnns. Free patterns can be found on the internet. There is a lot to create beyond hats. ...

Miscarriage Issues

She says, "A woman under pressure will not conceive, and knitting is relaxing!" Again, meant to be a joke, the real point being, sometimes these things go ...

Seeking Comfort Gifts for Soemone Who Has Breast Cancer

Get flannel or knit or fleece, something that feels good against skin. ... I also recommend giving/knitting her a nice bini/hat because the night air is ...

Radical Parents for Organized Get-togethers

i would love to start a tight group to have playgroup, book group, knitting... etc. preferably on the east side of portland ...

Need Handwriting Help

I would also suggest things like weaving and knitting and crocheting as activities. There is a simple knitting loom called the Knifty Knitter that can be ...

Advice for Bedrest?

Knitting? Get lots of rest while you can! What about writing to your baby? ... I had a friend on bedrest who taught herself how to knit, she was able to ...

Baby Sign Language

if you have limited spacial perception ability (like me) take a class. i can't figure out anything like knitting, signs, etc from looking at 2-D pictures. i ...

Seeking Ideas for Neighborhood Ladies Get Together at My House

Or knitting/crochet. Just thought I should have something to do besides just sit and talk! :) Thanks for your help! Angela. Answer. 1 mom found this helpful ...

Seeking Suggestions for Friend Who Has to Be on Bedrest for 2 Months.

Oct 19, 2009 ... an easy knitting project with instructions, (or a better one if she has experience) ... I also thought about learning to knit or make jewelry. ...

Seeking Fun Places to Take My Daughter to Do Crafts.

I have a fiber arts and crafts store but only offer a childs knitting class right now, but I'm hoping to add some more by the summer. Cheers, R. Helpful? ...
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