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Help! Preparing for 1St Grade

My son has been recently recommended to skip Kindergarten and go on to 1st Grade . I would like to prepare him .... second grade math · kindergarten learning ...

Preschool Vs. Kindergarten

It is important to remember that what they call her learning experience is not as .... Looks like you are leaning toward sending her to Kindergarten. ...

5 Year Old Being Bullied at School and Not Liking the Kindergarten School.

Sep 4, 2009 ... This is probably a bit young, I mean it's Kindergarten after all, but maybe you and the school counselor can help her learn to manage those ...

Kindergarten - September 1 Cutoff Date

It is between pre-K and Kindergarten. Also, you can ask the school for ...... ( The learning tree) and he loved it. It is almost exactly like kindergarten. ...

Repeating Kindergarten

Children learn a lot of fundamentals in Kindergarten and if they don't pick up on them then then in the following grades it's really easy for them to fall ...

4 Yr Old Son with Late Birthday Ready for Kindergarten??!!??

I have been teaching Preschool and Kindergarten for over 10 years. Wait!!! Boys really learn better when they feel comfortable. Big for his age or not wait. ...

Repeating Kindergarten

He will much happier, make friends easier, and learning will be easier for him. I sent my October daughter to kindergarten when she was not quite five and ...

How Do I Put a Positive Spin on the "Bonus" Year?

In fact they are totally enjoying Kindergarten now despite their other classmates being in .... kindergarten learning · is my child ready for kindergarten ...

Early Enrollment for Kindergarten

If the end result is NO, homeschool her and have her tested again next year for 1st grade and skip Kindergarten. Kids are sponges. They will learn what ever ...

6 Year Old Constant Talker

He is in kindergarten! and part of kindergarten is learning to be sociable. I definitely think that it is his teacher's responsibility to handle the talking ...
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