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Looking for Fun Table Top Activities for 3 to 5 Year Olds

Sit down at the table with the children and engage them in the activity. Some kids need to be prompted and encouraged. Next time you give them play dough, ...

Train Table Recommendations and Reviews

Read all 7 responses: "Does anyone currently own the Wood Train Table with ... wide are the CARS movie cars, but my kids still race them around anyways. ...

Switching Babies to Table Food

My kids were all on table food by 8 months. These are what i used to transition them: Campbells Chunky Chicken noodle soup, peas and carrots, ...

1St Birthday Party

Have seperate food tables for adults and for children. Young kids will just play together and adults will talk and eat. Have fruit and jello on kids table ...

Marker on New Table

A neighbor child colored with red marker on my new wooden kitchen table. ... In the future don't let kids play with markers that are not crayola. ...

What to Give My 9 Month Old at the Dinner Table

I want him to get used to all of us sitting down at the table together .... Usually they can accommodate kids, if you are at a kid friendly restaurant. ...

What to Do with All the Artwork/homework Papers the Kids Bring Home????

Hi-my girlfriend took both her kids artwork and had them scanned onto fabric ... the same thing now and figure it will turn into a great coffee table book. ...

Feeding Table Food to Baby

Feeding Table Food to Baby. Hello Everyone~ I have a daughter who is ... Both of my kids were eating scrambled eggs by 10 months with no reactions at all. ...

Birthday Party Ideas for a 2 Year Old Little Girl

But I have had friends and they just put a kids table down and give them tea parties with little cakes. Clowns have been known to scare them. ...
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