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Picky Eater

He is an extremely picky eater. He has been since he was 3. .... All my kids are relatively good eaters so I don't have that problem but have friends who do ...

Picky Eater

One of my good friends has a picky eater and I love this idea! It works for her! ... Fussy kids are only fussy because they are allowed to be. ...

How to find good recipes for a 11 year old picky eater?

I have 3 kids and we all eat very healthy, I am just afraid he won't be getting ... About your picky eater, I once read that a child should at least put the ...

Picky Eater

My little girl does that but I don't think that she is a picky eater, I feel that she .... I nutritionist gave me a name of a book for kids that are picky, ...

Picky Eater

I went through this too, and I was and still am a picky eater but here's ... Kids know a heart is love, mine eat it to show me they "love me" or to have ...

'Picky Eater Recipes'

I personally have always been a picky eater and feel that. ... If you are still reading this - - here's some of my kids' favorite healthy snacks when they ...

19 Month Old Picky Eater

My children have there months where there very picky eaters. .... He will out grow it eventually, both my kids went through picky phases. ...

Light Eater!

My son is three and is KING of picky eaters. Not since he was in jar food ... Alot of kids go through this. As long as his pediatrician says he's healthy ...

Picky Eater Who Will Gag & Puke at Table

Read all 27 responses: "My 5 year old boy is an EXTREMELY picky eater (chicken nuggets ... I have had the experience with two different kids, each one had a ...

Picky eater.....PLEASE HELP

Cheese and yogurt seem to at least fill my kids up for a little while. ... I had a picky eater who wouldn't eat any peanut butter and one who wouldn't eat ...
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