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Toddlers and Dandruff???

i use the kids shampoo from melaleuca. it has helped everything from cradle cap to dry scalp on both of my kids at every age so far. if i try and switch ...

Cradle Cap/ Dry Scalp

My pediatrician recommended using a toothbrush with regular adult shampoo for cradle cap/dry scalp. Put the olive oil on, let it soak in, then put a little ...

3 Year-old with Dry, Flaky Scalp.

I have a 3-year-old daughter who has recently developed a dry, flaky scalp. We use regular baby wash or baby shampoo, and only bathe her once a week. ...

Any Remedy for Severe Baby Acne and Dry Scalp?

Shampoo is designed to dry out the oils and what you need is to moisten the ... They're just "milk bumps" as for the dry scalp I used creamy baby oil pour ...

7 Year Old Has Scalp Issues

ALSO, I have to use natural shampoos. My scalp bleeds from using shampoos from Wal-Mart or Target. ... Many times dry scalp is just a sign of overuse of product. .... Kids' Hair says only use them once/week. Also, make sure there's no ...

Advise on Dry Face and Scalp

The dry scalp has just recently come about, however the face has been dry ..... tea tree oil shampoo on my kids, bit be careful not to get it in the eyes! ...

My Baby Scratches Her Head

dry head scalp!!! lol my lil one does the same thing, but he has a dry scalp and forehead, we started using head and shoulders dry scalp shampoo in the ...

Seeking Advice on Dry Scalp Issue for an 18 Month Old

My son had a dry scalp when he was a baby and my mother-in-law suggested putting ... (I like Burt's Bee's line of personal care products for the kids- all ...

Dry Scalp

Read all 6 responses: "My 2 year old has a very dry scalp. ... She used to buy them some kind of shampoo/treatment used to treat cradle cap. ...

Help! My 10 Year Old Daughter Has a Problem with Dandruff!

Only shampoo every other day at the most. Daily shampooing will only dry her scalp out more. If her hair is difficult to comb, you can condition daily. ...
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  • most likely cradle cap in 2 answers "It is most likely cradle cap. Rub olive oil on her scalp, wait about 20 minutes and ..."
  • sounds like cradle cap in 2 answers "It sounds like cradle cap. When our daughter had it baby oil did wonders."
  • oil into his scalp in 2 answers "... wash his hair twice a week with this). You can also rub baby oil into his scalp ..."
  • rub olive oil in 2 answers "The best and cheapest solution for me was to rub olive oil in their hair about 1/2 ..."
  • shampoo for cradle cap in 2 answers "i finally just bought some shampoo for cradle cap and after a few applications it ..."