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What to Do for the Birthday Party??

H.M. asks from Grand Rapids

My daughter is turning 4 next month and we plan on having a birthday party like we do for her every year. We live by my husbands family and the "whole" family likes t...


Birthday Party

A.M. asks from College Station

My daughters are a year and 20 days apart so I am splitting down the middle and having a birthday party for both of my girls (they will be 1 and 2) so its not like it...


Where to Have a Birthday Party

Y.D. asks from Dallas

My sons birthday is coming up on the 7th of December and I have a delemna. We live in a small apartment (900 sq. feet) and nobody in my family has a house that is sui...


Birthday Party

N.S. asks from San Francisco

I am having a party for both my daughters together. One birthday is in December, close to Christmas. We wanted to push it out to early to mid January at the latest. W...


Fun Kids Appetizers for Birthday Party

M.B. asks from Colorado Springs

Does anyone have any fun kids appetizers for a childs birthday party? The party is at our home from 2-4 and i want some snacks for both kids and adults. THANKS!


Where Was Your Favorite Kids Birthday Party?

M.L. asks from Washington DC

I'm trying to plan my DD's 7th birthday party and I'm at a loss as to where to have it. Her birthday is in April and I usually have the place booked by now! I d...


Rsvps to Kids Birthday Party

D.B. asks from Philadelphia

I sent out invitations to my daughters birthday party the last day of school - June 18. The party is July 11. She has a small class- I invited them all - 11 total. I ...


Overnight Birthday Party - but Only Want 3/4 Kids

J.R. asks from Saginaw

Hey Moms, My sons birthday is coming up next month and he has stated mutliple times he would like to have a slumber party for his birthday. I am fine with this e...


Kids Birthday Party

K.P. asks from Dallas

My children's birthdays are coming up pretty quick (July 22nd and August 19th) who i do a combined party for and i need to plan their party so people who come from ou...


How to Invite Kids to My Son's Birthday Party

M.B. asks from Lewiston

My son is in kindergarten, and for the first time he has classmates that he wants to invite to his birthday party. It says in the school handbook that it's against th...

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