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Birth Plan and What to Have Ready to Take to the Hospital for the Delivery

Expect to be in the hospital 2-3 days and just take things that will make you more comfortable while you recover. IF you have a fave book, music, lotion, ...

My 4 Yr Old Wants to Be a Princess for Halloween

Can you just take him to WM and let him pick out a new costume? Our WM has done a good job of dividing the boy and girl costumes so you could easily tell ...

Pregnancy After Tubal Ligation?

Just take a test and stop torturing yourself! I'm a midwife and this happens WAY more often than you think! The older you are and the longer it's been ...

Lethargic Toddler Recovering from Stomach Virus

Just take her in. What is your gut telling you? If my child was like that I would be there in a heartbeat! Remember, your doctor is your employee, ...

Mommy the Pacifier

Just take her to bed with you and go to sleep yourself. You'll get rest, she'll be comforted, and nobody will have to get up and down at night. ...

Night Time Potty Training

my advice would be to take away her potty chair...she knows how to use the toilet for making Poo sounds to me like she is just being stubborn..you might ...

Childproofing Furniture Knobs

Is it possible to just take those knobs off for a few months? Replace them with small flatter knobs that arent a danger if your child falls on them. ...

Where Can I Hire Someone to Take Video & Stills of Me with My Son (Single Dad)

I just worry that the presence of another person there to take video might ... Why not just take some stills and video of him yourself when he's with you ...

Early in Pregnancy and Having Trouble Sleeping

There are phases throuhgout pregnancy where you can feel exhausted and other where it feels like you could move a bus if you needed to...just take care of ...

Pls. Help !

Just take a deep breath and relax. I too went through fertility with my second. We became pregnant and had my first daughter in less than a year of being ...
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  • take a home pregnancy test in 2 answers "If you take a home pregnancy test and are negative, you might be pre-menopausal."
  • light switch in the bathroom in 2 answers "... use it to push up or down to turn on and off the light switch in the bathroom."
  • take her back to the er in 3 answers "Take her back to the ER! You can never be too careful!"
  • went through fertility in 2 answers "I don't remember that it was too bad at all. I went through fertility treatments ..."
  • flip flops in 2 answers "Slippers/flip flops?? Don't want bare feet anywhere."