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8 Month Old Bowel Movements like Balls

Fruits that start with P are very helpful, prune juice mixed with his cereal .... How much prune juice do you give him? We use to give about 4 ounces of ...

8-Month Old with Constipation

Read all 36 responses: "I have an 8-month old who is slowly making the transition to table foods. The past few days he has been painfully constipated.

"Seeking Advice for Baby's Constipation"

You just put it in their juice and that is it. My daughter had gotten so bad we had to .... My pediatrician said to give them juice that starts with a "P". ...

8 Wk Old Constipated Looking for Suggestions to Help Him

My doctor told me to take 1 teaspoon of prune juice mixed with 2 teaspoons .... prune juice 50% solution diluted with water, worked everytime with my sons, ...

Introducing Juice

Read all 17 responses: "Hi, I am starting my 4 1/2 month old on juice. We recently switched her to Soy formula and it is making her bowel movements thicker ...

Juice Question

Read all 10 responses: "I recently started giving my 7 month old small amounts of apple or white grape juice. (he drinks water also but it is harder to get ...

Urinary Tract Infection What Can I Do???

Drink plenty of water and lots and lots of cranberry juice, it should ... Drink only water and cranberry juice until you can get to the drs on monday since ...

Constipation in 6 Month Old

Should I feed her prunes or a little bit of prune juice? ... Feed her lots of oatmeal cereal, pear juice and pears and she'll be going just fine. ...

7 Month Old Doesn't like Juice?

Sep 9, 2009 ... Read all 22 responses: "We just started practicing using a sippy cup with our 7 month old daughter. She has been able to hold her own bottle ...

My 3 Year Old Is Constipated

I give her prune juice every morning and also she loves to eat dried prunes, but is doesn't seem to help her, she is constatnly afraid that it will hurt. ...
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