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Discriminating Mother in Law

H.S. asks from Detroit

My husband and I met when we were seniors in High school in 2001. My husbands family is a mixture of different sects of Christianity and I come from a blended family...


Differences in Religious Beliefs

S.H. asks from Los Angeles

I have a fantastic husband but we have a big difference - religion. I am Jewish (reform) I enjoy temple, but don't think it's necessary to go on a regular basis. I w...


What's on Your Altar / in Front of Your Meditation Cushion?

D.S. asks from Boston

We have a place for meditation and looking inward in our house, with an altar of sorts. We would like to honour the diversity of beliefs and views, so have begun putt...


Rosh Hashanah dessert...honey Cake?

J.B. asks from Boston

I'm bringing dessert to my in-laws' Rosh Hashanah dinner and am considering a traditional honey cake. I'm a decent baker so I'm confident that if I get a good recipe ...


How Many Wakes/funerals/memorial Services Have You/your Kids Attended?

J.B. asks from Boston

A colleague commented to me the other day that's she's never been to a wake. I nearly fell over. She's in her early 40's, raised Protestant and converted to Judaism. ...


Thoughts/ Opinions Towards Child Not Wanting to See Their Mother.

U.5. asks from Wichita

Does anyone care to share their experience or opinions? 15yo stepdaughter doesn’t like going to her Mom’s for weekend visitation. Both I and her dad feel it’s...


? About Jewish Custom

L.S. asks from Philadelphia

I was watching t.v. last night and watched a scene showing a Jewish woman leaving a small stone on the grave of her husband. Now, I'm not Jewish, and I've seen this ...


For the Jewish Mamas-bris (Brit) Gift?

A.P. asks from Austin

I have been invited to a bris (brit?) and am unsure if it is customary to bring a gift. I realize it is a deeply religious ceremony, not a baby shower, so a gift doe...


Jewish Info Needed

B.C. asks from Dallas

This might sound strange, but I am a christian wanting to really find out about Jewish religion. Not to change religion, but I am stragely drawn to (acutally obsessed...


Teen Circumcision?

B.B. asks from Dallas

OK, I feel conflicted here...when our son was born, my husband and I did the research and opted to not have him circumcised. Now that he is older, though, he's angry ...

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  • tension no matter in 2 answers "I believe that your son will feel the tension no matter what you do."
  • open casket in 4 answers "I have been to one open casket funeral."
  • bond with your parents in 2 answers "At least they can bond with your parents for now."
  • jewish funeral in 2 answers "... 50 - cancer) or because we know a lot of people (I've attended a Jewish funeral ..."
  • two funerals in 3 answers "I have been to one open casket funeral. Two funerals at a church and with one of ..."