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Double Stroller Advice

i know you said you don't want a sit and stand but joovy recently came out with a new caboose called the ergo caboose. your older child can actually sit in ...


Jun 23, 2009 ... I have never used it, but I am pretty sure the Joovy Big Caboose has 2 seats that can accommodate infant car seats, and a sit and stand seat ...

Stroller for Almost 3 Year Old and Newborn

I have the regular Joovy Caboose (weighs a ton), my older son wasn't too ... Try a sling for the newborn at first, like a Maya wrap or an Ergo or Bjorn. ...

Double Stroller Recommendations

I've been researching it a lot and it seems that the Joovy Caboose ... Something called the Joovy ERGO. They have apparently been listening to their ...

Do You Really Need a Double Stroller Right Away When Your 2Nd Is Born?

If you don't have and Ergo carrier they are great and a lot less expensive than a double .... I then bought a joovy ultralight caboose (sit and stand type), ...

Best Stroller for 3 of Different Ages?

I'd get a sit-n-stand for the older two and then a sling or Ergo to wear the ... I got my joovy big caboose on ebay for about $170 less than what I saw it ...

Double Stroller

I wear my little one in an Ergo and push my son in the stroller. ... We have a Joovy only complaint is the small undercarriage area, ...

Seeking Suggestions for Double Stroller

We love our Ergo, and you could try that and/or others on at BeByBaby on ... We use the Joovy Caboose and like it. It comes with an extension piece to use ...

Seeking Input Re: Need for a Double Stroller with a 3 Year Old and Newborn

My kids are also 3 years apart, and we have the Joovy Caboose. .... Our second summer with two I switched to the Ergo carrier, and took turns wearing a kid ...

Carriage Question- Best Way to Manage Two Kids

I ended up with the Joovy Caboose Ultralight -- it's like the sit-n-stand but ... I have an Ergo carrier (front, back, hip) and just love it for both kids. ...
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