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Has Anyone Had Experience with "Xango"?

J.C. asks from Cleveland

Hi, Mamas! I just heard about this fruit juice on Saturday - have never heard of it before - and wondered if it is as good as they told me it is. Has anyone had it?...


Child Support Question

E.W. asks from Dallas

If there are any moms out there with experience with this I would appreciate your input. :) My father and stepmom are currently getting divorced and have 2 minor c...


Progressive Pediatrician?

D.M. asks from Kansas City

I saw someone else make this request, but didn't see any response so I thought I ask again. I'm looking for a pediatrician who is progressive and an advocate for a n...


Canine Hip Dysplasia

A.C. asks from Houston

We adopted a puppy in December 2011 (appear to be a German Sheperd/Pit Bull mix; weighs about 50 pounds) and she recently has developed a lot of difficulty in getting...


Going Through a Nasty Custody Case

K.P. asks from Phoenix

my story is a long one, but to sum it ex and I are battling for custody and support issues. He lives in Georgia and has had some but not much visitation with...


Divorce Bombshell

M.K. asks from Columbus

So, my husband wants a divorce. I'm actually fine with that - we've been having problems for a long time and with him living four hours away because of his job has j...


Daughter in College-roomate with Lice

H.D. asks from Miami

I have a 19 year old away in college, her roommate has lice and does nothing about it. The RA said it is a personal problem and there is nothing she can do about it. ...


Counseling Help

B.F. asks from Minneapolis

My sister is in need of a counselor but has no insurance. Are there mental health programs out there for people with no insurance and low incomes? She is a student an...


9 Year Old German Shepard with Problems

R.D. asks from Las Vegas

My 9 yr old Shepard which will be 10 this year, and he is having horrible hip and joint problems. He has a steady limp, whimpers almost constantly. He has a very diff...


You're Not off When You're a MOM - Right?

J.B. asks from San Antonio

What is your opinion about a Mom (age 44) with no job (because she has health issues) that believes when her husband gets home from work she's "OFF"? I hate that con...

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