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Non-hormonal IUD.

I have a paragard (copper) IUD. It will be 1 year in December and so far, so good. I haven't noticed any side effects but I also have a 15 month old ...

Paraguard Iud

Oct 5, 2009 ... Read all 5 responses: "Hi I just got my copper iud inserted 2 days ago and initially only had light spotting. ... Help with IUD Side Effects ...

Birth Control Options - IUD Vs. Depo?

I don't know about the IUD, but I've heard bad stories of side effects from Depo . Once that is in your system, it takes a while to get out. ...

Anyone Have Experience with Either the Paragard IUD or Essure Procedure?

My "short list" is the Paragard copper IUD and the Essure procedure. (We also discussed..." ... I do not have to think about it & have no side effects. ...

Getting Mirena IUD - Please Let Me Know of Good/bad Results

I am getting the Mirenea IUD put in this Thursday. I was told by the nurse that it is a wonderful way to prevent pregnancy and hardly any side effects if ...

Has Anybody Had the Mirena IUD?

Doctors claim is sooo safe and hardly any side effects and how its the perfect easy birth control. I too read everything I could find about IUDs and only ...

IUD Or Depo Provera?

My daughter has had the IUD and the shot and she greatly preferred the IUD. ... Again not everyone has the same side effects but it may be something you'd ...

Mirena IUD and Breastmilk Supply Question

I ended up getting the IUD at the end of March and have had it in for 2 1/2 months. .... I did notice I had several of the side effects that all the Mirena ...

Has Anyone Used the Paraguard Copper IUD?

Hi J.,. I have had the Paraguard hormone free IUD for the past 6 months. I have had no side effects and no complaints. Good luck. Helpful? ...

Mirena IUD Compared to Normal Copper IUD

Hi there, does anyone know the differences between the Mirena IUD and a .... These types of side effects are down played in the Mirena published research. ...
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