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Head Itches from Allergies

My daughter has terrible itchy skin from allergies. Her pedi recommended using dandruff shampoo and it really helps. Get the stuff with the most medicine in ...

Itchy Head

Borage for baby Dry Skin Therapy by Shikai You may be able to find at Whole ... Rub some olive oil on the itchy spots Better to use something natural than ...

Itchy 5 Year Old

My Daughter has that red itchy stuff too. It seems to be a yeast infection. If they get one yeast infection, .... dry itchy skin · yeast infection skin ...

Itchy Feet During Pregnancy

Sep 18, 2009 ... Itchy skin can also be a sign of diabetes because it can cause SUPER dry skin! The back of my hands and the sides of my feet were super ...

Baby's Itchy Ears!

Our dry skin lotion has passed two double-blind studies, and has come out ahead of Eucerin on all counts. Terrific for any type of dry, itchy skin. ...


Your skin gets itchy as it stretches. Slather on the lotion, maybe with vitamin E, and be patient! Each of my pregnancies (3) were different, itchiness was ...

Back of Hands, Especially the Knuckles, Have Red Rash and Bleed After Basketball

His doc said that it was very dry skin from the weather. We too use vasoline and put gloves on his ... Dry cracky sometimes itchy sometimes painful hands. ...

Dry Itchy Sore Hands

I use Aquaphor for any dry, itchy skin. My daughter has eczema, and we smear her down with it every day. It also works nicely for lips. ...

Can't Stop Itching!!!

... car, etc - they only seem to be interested in my skin! ... As for the body rash I get that as well itchy hives all over my neck and chest from allergies ...

Itchy Nipple - HELP PLEASE!!!!

Here's a little about my "itchy situation"..... Since..." ... Also a mom on here said she sprays her perfume on clothes not her skin: if your skin is ...
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