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Rash on Back of Knees- Yeast?

My daughter gets itchy red sore spots on her torso and legs. ... I would try some diaper rash cream on it. It protects skin from moisture and has some ...

Can Formula Cause Diaper Rash for a Breastfed Baby?

Atopic dermatitis: This itchy rash, also known as eczema, often shows up as red scaly patches in other parts of the body first. It can spread to the legs ...

Skin Rash While Pregnant or with Hormonal Changes

ok, i have no idea if this would help but when i had poison ivy (a crazy itchy rash too...) the burts bees poison ivy soap worked wonders! you might give it ...

Overnight Diaper Rash

It was red and angry like you desribed, and very itchy for my son. ... The doctor also told me that the best prevention for diaper rash is to put Vaseline ...

4 Year Old "Itchy" Could He Have Jock Itch

Jock itch is fungal and produces a rash. Pinworms are very common in kids, especially if they go to preschool .... itchy skin rash · 4 year old not eating ...

Red Bumpy Rash on Tummy and Back

He was actually itchy, irritable and not hungry. A long four days. ... If the rash is around the diaper line, my son had a similar rash and the Dr. said ...


The day the fever broke, he got a rash all over and it must have been itchy because he was constantly rubbing his head. The doc said it sounded like roseola ...

Heat Rash

For a week a really bad itchy rash. I was told to give him the Zyrtec to stop the itching. But it never went away and then all of a sudden he said he wasn't ...

7 Month Old-rash on Body Question

Allergic rashes are usually itchy. Although it still could be an allergy. Or it could be eczema, contact dermatitis or some other skin issue. ...

Itchy Head

Hello I am a grandmother and my BABY grandson had a terrible case of cradle cap its like a red rash and really itchy and just terrible we tried everything ...
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  • sounds like pin worms in 2 answers "Sounds like pin worms. Ask your doc."
  • smiths diaper rash in 3 answers "I always used Dr. Smith's diaper rash creme - blue box, not every store has it so ..."
  • gold bond powder in 2 answers "... but having him in bigger underwear, not tight pants and using Gold Bond powder ..."
  • jock itch in 3 answers "Good chance that it could be pinworms. Jock itch is fungal and produces a rash."
  • yeast like fungus in 2 answers "and just for the record, candida is not a yeast-like fungus."