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Potty Training

C. asks from Minneapolis

Ok, my son will be two March 24th. Can anyone tell me how to start potty training? How will I know if he's ready?


Potty Training

T.B. asks from Little Rock

Hi I have a 21 month old girl which is about to start potty training. I don't know how to even start? This is my first child. Any advice.


Potty Training

L.S. asks from Fresno

I have almost three-year-old twins, a boy and a girl. I am having a hard time training them both at the same time. Help please!


Potty Training

J.W. asks from Dayton

My son will be two.. and I think he is at the age, where potty training should start.. and i've tried it.. he does good to a certian point.. But How do i get him to w...


Potty Training

M.D. asks from Minneapolis

I need potty training tips and suggestions for my twins who will be 4 in July. They need to be potty trained by September when they go back to preschool.


Potty Training

M.C. asks from Dallas

Hi All, My 2 1/2 year old daughter WILL NOT poop in the potty, she has been training for about a month ½ she will pee in the potty. Does ANYBODY have any suggest...


Potty Training

L.S. asks from Boston

Hi Everyone, I was wondering about the sings of potty training, How do I know if my 19 month old daughter is ready?


Potty Training

N.M. asks from Philadelphia

does anyone have any ideas on starting potty training? im trying with my son but he wont use the potty and tells me after he has peed and than ripes his pants off.


Toilet Training

I.R. asks from Dallas

I could like to request some help in toilet training for my two year old son. I would really appriciate any help.


Doula Training

L.K. asks from San Antonio

Does anyone out there know anything about doula training? I have checked the San Antonio Doula website and there is nothing there about training to become a doula. I...

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