is zyrtec safe

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What Medicine Is Safe to Use While Breastfeeding?

because while they are safe for you and baby they could dry up your milk supply. ... My OB okay'd me to use Zyrtec-D because I have really bad allergies: ...

Allergy Meds While Pregnant

I have been researching Zyrtec and Claritin (which I have taken in the past) and it looks like they are both Category B, generally considered safe during ...

Allergy Help PLEASE!!!!

I've tried a few different meds & I'm now on zyrtec for my allergies, which is available OTC now. it should be safe, but call your OB since you're still ...

What Cold Medicine Is Safe While Nursing? Any?

I have a great food supplement that is safe and effective for you and your baby, ... Most over the counter meds, coricidin without antihistamine, zyrtec for ...

Pregnant with Allergies

My family Dr and OB told me that the Zyrtec, Singular and Albuterol that I was taking while pregnant with my last two were all safe while I was pregnant. ...

Help with Eczema and an Allergist for My One Year Old in the Tampa Area

I am not a fan of giving medicine to my kids, but the pediatrician was insistent that the Zyrtec would make a huge difference and was safe, so we tried it. ...

Pregnant with Bad Allergies

As soon as I found out I could take Zyrtec I ran to the store. It definatly works. I have tried everything safe in pregnancy. You do have to take a 10 mg ...

Safe Cough Relief

I am in desperate need of any advice of a safe way to help relieve her coughing. ... Zyrtec has been the best fit so far. Much less coughing. ...

Is Taking a "Z Pack" Antibiotic Safe While Nursing?

My dr prescribed z pack and told me it was safe to take and that it wont have any effects on my baby..." ... Breastfeeding and Zyrtec ...

Allergy Shots and Pregnancy

If you do decide to stop the allergy shots, you may want to consider taking another allergy medicine that is safe during pregnancy. Those would be Zyrtec, ...
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