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13 Month Old with Low Iron - Need Iron-rich Foods

This has done wonders for iron levels and kids love them. There is tons of research to prove that this gets into the blood and it works. ...

Baby Has Low Iron Level

A blood test revealed that my 3 month old son has an iron deficiency (His level is 9.5) We've started giving him poly-vi-sol with iron. I'm worried. ...

Constant Dizziness

I also had very low blood pressure... sometimes 50/90. Just make sure to take your prenatal vitamins (for the iron) and don't get up very fast or move your ...

Is Bruising Easily a Symptom of Breastfeeding?

Hi the next time you visit your doctor be sure they check you for Anemia; low blood iron. Breast feeding and pregnancy take alot from Moms . ...

I'm So Tired...

Could be allergies, low blood sugar, iron or depression. My allergies are really getting me this week. Claritin helps but does not completely relieve ...

Iron Drops

My son had a condition where his bone marrow stopped producing red blood cells and his iron dropped to the 5's. When we got it back to normal it was in the ...

Iron Supp, Help!

It's also great with a few raisins mixed in too, which have iron also. I learned this wonderful fact from a nurse when I was donating blood! ...

Blood Thinners During Pregnancy

The doctor will give, Iron to up the blood, because you are begginin your pregnancy, and you will need too, to eat food source of Iron like: beans, lentel , ...

Swollen Lymph Nodes and Anemia / Antibiotics

This showed that his white blood count was below normal but it also showed that he was anemic. So, the doctor also prescribed an iron supplement. ...

Anemia and Headache

I have combination of Thalacymia Minor (type of inherited anemia) and iron deficiency; my blood does not absorb iron the way it should. ...
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