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HELP!!! My Iron Is Oozing Nasty Brown Stuff!!!!

Read all 5 responses: "Okay mama's! PLEASE HELP ME!!! I am losing my mind!!! My MIL was here last week and she used my iron to starch some clothes - now all ...

Shark Steam Mop & the "Tobi" Steam Iron

Read all 14 responses: "Ok, I got sucked into the infomerical for the Shark Steam Mop this weekend. I was very impressed with how it seemed to clean the ...

Iron Overdose

Read all 10 responses: "My pediatrician told me to start giving my 2 year old half a Flintstone with Iron vitamin because she will not touch any meat.

Measuring Big @ 25 Weeks and Anemia

Hasn't the obgyn started you on iron shots? Are you taking your prenatal pills? ... If you are taking an iron supplement, take it with orange juice, ...

Anyone with Advice About Giving Iron to an 11 Month Old

Read all 21 responses: "My daughter is iron defecient anemic and they want her on a high dose of iron. I have tried two times to give it and the first time ...

Iron Stains on Teeth of Toddler

Read all 7 responses: "My two-year old son has to take iron supplements orally due to anemia. i was wondering if anyone has this situation and has figured ...

Kool-aid and Carpert

Place a warm iron (on lowest setting) on top of cloth. Be sure the iron is not hot or it will set the stain. Leave the iron set there for 15 minutes. ...

Diarrhea in 6 Month Old

If your Pediatrician prescribed iron drops for your daughter it will help ... If you don't have iron drops, try feeding her thick cereal and reduce the ...

Constipation Causing Formula

The first time I tried formula it was with iron and the same thing happened. ... It's the iron causing the constipation -- I went throough this with my son. ...
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