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Need Help with Birthday Gift Ideas for 14 Year Old Girl

If your niece has an ipod or some MP3 player, get her a card for downloads. .... You can get a prepaid visa card or an itunes gift card if she has an ipod. ...

Ideas on How to Keep a 3 1/2 Yr Old Occupied While Getting Allergy Testing Done

If you have an iPod that plays movies, you can buy a couple of cartoons off of iTunes. We use that to keep our almost-2-yr-old occupied if we have to wait ...

Ideas on How to Entertain My 20 Month on a Hour and Half Flight.

I'm bringing my iPod loaded with Poems from the Poems for Children book this summer for our trip. Good luck with your trip, should be fun! ...

Any Advice on How to Trim an Active 2 Year Old's Nails?

This is a team effort between my husband and I. He will distract her with something: a book, a toy, his iPod Touch, whatever works. ...

How to "LET GO and LET GOD" - Religious Content

I also like music and have a bunch of Christian songs on my ipod. I really feel a lot better when I've sung along in praise songs. ...

How to Handle Teenagers and Their Attitudes

One more comment and I will treat you that way and you will lose (insert teenaged privilege here - internet, cell phone, iPod, whatever). ...

How to Handle the "Witching Hours"

I also have found that if i feed them and then strap them in a stroller for a walk I can blow off steam and if i bring my ipod i can somewhat ignore them as ...

Any Advice on How to Help Me Deal with Daddy Leaving My Son and I?

If you don't have an ipod, get one. At least a nano. Find upbeat music to set you in motion. (I recommend Madonna's "Jump.") And I cannot recommend podcasts ...

Keeping a 13 Year Old Wiht Adhd Entertained on a Boat

This year she has an ipod but with out a computer once the batteries wear ..... iPod has some great chargers that plug right into the wall outlet so the ...

What to Get 15 Year Old Nephew

Dec 14, 2009 ... If he has an Ipod and uses iTunes, get him a gift card for iTunes. .... All teenagers have ipods. You can buy these for $15, $25, ...
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